merrill guided investing

The freedom of online investing, plus professionally managed portfolios

Online advice and guidance to help you plan for your future and pursue your goals, with the option to work with an advisor.

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Our goal is helping you reach yours

Tell us about yourself in an online experience and we’ll provide a recommended investment strategy, designed by a team of Merrill investment experts, that’s aligned to your goals.1

And if you choose to work with an advisor, you’ll get guidance in establishing goals and defining your investment strategy.


Portfolios are actively monitored and rebalanced

You choose an investment strategy, including socially responsible portfolios4, that’s right for you. A team of Merrill portfolio managers1 will monitor and rebalance2 so you can be confident your investments will stay in sync with your goals.

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Get on track, stay on track

Visit your personalized dashboard to monitor your Merrill Guided Investing account’s portfolio performance. Change or add new goals whenever you like, so your portfolio keeps up with your changing needs.

And if you choose to invest with an advisor, you can meet for periodic reviews as your financial needs change.

Low fee, low minimum investment

You can get started with as little as $1,000 and a low 0.45% annual program fee. Other fees may apply.

Decided to work with an advisor? Start with at least $20,000 and an annual program fee of 0.85%. Other fees may apply.*

Or qualify for an even lower fee as a Preferred Rewards member. For example, if you have a $20,000 balance in your Merrill Guided Investing account you could save between $10 and $30 per year on your annual program fee.Learn how to qualify.


Preferred rewards
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Banking and investing connected

Simplify your financial life, anytime from anywhere—whether online or on your mobile device. With just one login, you can view, manage and instantly transfer funds between eligible accounts. Plus with over 2,000 Bank of America® financial centers, you're always welcome to come in and meet with a Merrill Financial Solutions Advisor.


An investment advisory program

You are comfortable using online tools and are looking for an investment strategy aligned to your goal

Online with an advisor
An investment advisory program

You'd like a hand defining your goal and one-on-one help to pursue it

Minimum investment



Straightforward pricing

0.45% annual program fee**

$7.50/month for a $20K account

Qualify for discounted pricing with Preferred Rewards.3

Other fees may apply*.

0.85% annual program fee**

$14.17/month for a $20K account

Qualify for discounted pricing with Preferred Rewards.3

Other fees may apply*.

ETF and mutual fund strategies

Professionally managed portfolios1

Online dashboard

Bank of America banking and Merrill investing connected

Establish goals online

Advisor helps you establish goals


One-on-one advice


Periodic reviews with an advisor


Get more information on how Merrill Guided Investing combines the power of technology with human insight and expertise.


Steps to get started

  • 1

    Choose between Merrill Guided Investing or Merrill Guided Investing with an advisor.

  • 2

    Tell us about yourself and your investing goal online.

  • 3

    Review your recommended investment strategy and then open and fund your account.

Merrill Guided Investing

Merrill Guided Investing with an advisor

Questions? Learn more about the benefits of Merrill Guided Investing and read the FAQs.

there's more than one way to invest

Merrill Guided Investing

With Merrill Guided Investing you can choose to invest online or online with an advisor. Either way you will get a professionally managed portfolio at a low cost with a minimum investment. However, there are even more ways you can invest with us. And you may find you’re interested in a different approach or want to take advantage of more than just one. Take a look and see.