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At Merrill, we provide the tools, people and know-how to help you pursue your financial goals. This guide is designed for informational purposes only. You’ll always make the final call on how you’d like to work with us. For more guidance, talk to a financial advisor today.

For more information about our brokerage services and investment advisory programs, see ml.com/CRS.

bank of america preferred rewards

Bank. Borrow. Invest. Get rewarded for it.

With Preferred Rewards3, you can enjoy benefits tailored for you based on all the ways you work with us – like banking with Bank of America and investing with Merrill.

Which investing approach is right for you? Compare your choices.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself type, need some guidance or want a unique plan designed by an advisor, we can help you reach your goals and grow your wealth.

  • Build your own portfolio

    Personalized investing with insights, guidance and tools to confidently put your investing ideas into action.

  • Get a professionally managed portfolio

    Tell us your goal, and through our Investment Advisory Program, Merrill investment professionals will build, monitor and rebalance your portfolio, plus the option to have help from an advisor along the way.1,2


    Merrill Guided Investing is an Investment Advisory Program4

  • Work with a dedicated advisor

    Get one-on-one guidance and develop a comprehensive strategy with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.